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First Impressions Distribution

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Your source for janitorial supplies and equipment in the Chicago area. First Impressions Distribution provides customized cleaning solutions to fit your needs; get affordable, budget-friendly pricing, and delivery straight to your door. The products we supply include everything from paper products to hand soaps, and trash liners. Let us help you with cleaning needs so you can focus on running your business.

Specializing in daycares and small businesses for over 30 years!

  • Free Delivery on ALL Orders

  • No Hidden or Added Fees

  • Prices Secured for at Least Six Months

  • Free Estimates and Consultation

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Customer Testimonials

First Impressions has made a positive difference in our business. We have a regular delivery schedule for items we use frequently. As good as this system works, we time to time run out due to shop situations forcing us to use more than average. When this happens, Dan has gone out of his way by personally delivering products to us immediately. He is always showing us new products to enhance our facility and increase our productivity. Trust is important to us, and we trust Dan to do best for our company.

- Sam Carabella
Senior Fleet Manager, Advanced Disposal

Dan and I met over our love of the Chicago Cubs and Blackhawks. Thankfully, this personal interaction has led to a positive business relationship.  Taking First Impressions on as a vendor has offered A.P.I. more than just cost cutting for quality products. Dan also offers and “above and beyond” service partnered with his positive attitude and extensive product knowledge. We describe our needs or problems and he finds a product that offers us a solution. Free dispensers have been provided, installed, and maintained. Dan is also willing to expedite our orders when possible. We took a step in the right direction with First Impressions.

- John R. Bulat
CFO, Automatic Precision Inc

I have known Dan for many years and when I relocated to the Northbrook facility I remembered how Dan was always active in trying to lower our costs. So when Dan came in I was confident in his ability to provide the same quality products and service he had always done over the years knowing him. Dan and First Impressions are a winning combination.

- Fernando Rangel
Fleet Maintenance Supervisor, Chicago North Hauling  

Dan presented options to our school that would allow First Impressions to make subtle changes in how we did our cleaning. The cleaning crew assigned to our facility is top notch, paying attention to detail and special projects. The combination of great service, elevated quality of products while lowering costs has allowed us to realize a significant improvement in cleaning quality along with reducing our line item expenses in our budget. This allowed us to utilize Dan's floor care services and greatly improve our cafeteria area for both our staff and students to enjoy. We are very glad to have given Dan and First Impressions an opportunity to share his experience and enhance our facility.

- Jim Kapitan
Campus Director, SAE Institute Chicago


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