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We’re Serious About Clean Floors

Take a look at your hard surface floors? Do they shine like they used to? Are you putting your best foot forward when people step into your business?

The cleanliness and appearance of your floors reflect on your business and building. Maintaining clean, scuff-free floors will improve the feel and overall look of your facility for clients, visitors, and employees. Unkept and neglected floors, give people the wrong impression. We are here to ensure they look great all year by taking a comprehensive approach to floor care.

Proper Floor Cleaning

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Your hard floors are a long-term investment and ongoing maintenance is a large part of keeping up that appearance over time. It takes more than regular sweeping and mopping. Our experience and equipment ensure that when someone steps into the building they get the best first impression possible.

  • Stripping & Deep Cleaning Services - We will completely strip and deep clean your floors removing the top coating of wax, grime, leaving the floors bare.

  • Waxing & Sealing Services - After we strip the floors, we must then seal it with a high-quality sealer, then buff the surface to a sparkling shine. The sealer and gloss finish will extend the life of your floors.

  • Buffing Services - The final step in the process is buffing. Without proper care, hard surface floors tend to lose their quality and sheen. And with high amounts of traffic, your floor is prone to dirt and grime. At First Impressions Distribution, we specialize in high quality floor finishes to keep your floor protected.